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FAQ-- Frequently Asked Questions about Oil Processing Machinery,Bio Diesel Plants

Sesame Cleaning Process Before Expelling

1. The soaking, peeling, skin and kernel separation are all finished in a canister. The working principle is similar with TPFL120. You just need press the button to peel after sesame soaked, discharge..


What is Solvent Extraction Process

1.Preparation (sorting the contaminated material)2.Extraction3.Separation of concentrated contaminants from solvent4.Removal of residual solvent5.Contaminant recovery, recycling, or further treatment


How Much Oil Can I Get in Oilseed Extruding Process

By using our oil press machine you can extrude 90% to 95% percentage of oil from the oilseed. For example soybeans, they contain 12-18% oil, we can take out 90 to 95% run through our oil press twice.


Soybeans and Soybean Oil

Soybeans can produce at least twice as much protein per acre than any other main grain crop,and soybean oil is also very popular because it is cheap, healthful and has a high smoke point.


Questions about Oil Press(Plant)

Questions about Oil Press,Oil Press,Oil Plant.What is percentage of oil left in meal after the solvent extraction. It is about 1~2%


How to Purchase The Oil Press

When purchasing the oil press, First of all, what oil you want to squeeze,such as: peanut oil press, sesame oil press, expeller rapeseed, sunflower oil press,


Vegetable Oils

World annual trade of vegetable oils amounts to some 30 million tons.Between developed and developing countries, the proportion of vegetable oil trade.


Coconut Oil Expeller,Expeller Press

AGICO is main manufacturer of expeller press in China. We have specialised in the design of coconut oil expeller and other expeller press. High quality,best service.


Screw Biodiesel Oil Expeller

AGICO is main manufacturer of screw biodiesel oil expeller in China. We have specialised in the design of biodiesel oil expeller and other screw oil expeller. High quality,best service.


Jatropha Oil Expeller China

AGICO is main manufacturer of jatropha oil expeller in China. We have specialised in the design of jatropha oil expeller. High quality,best service.




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