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Screw Biodiesel Oil Expeller

Screw Biodiesel Oil Expeller

Screw Biodiesel Oil Expeller is a continuity screw oil expeller which is suitable for pre-pressing leach or pressing twice in the vegetable oil plant, and used to handle with oily seeds such as rapeseed, peanut, sunflower seed and persimmon seed.

Screw Biodiesel Oil Expeller FEATURE
An antomatic institution is designed resulting in reducing operator's working intensity.
Our screw biodiesel oil expeller with a large handling capacity, the workshop area, power consumption work on operation, administration and maintaining are reduced representatively.
The pressed cake of Our screw biodiesel oil expeller is loose but not broken which is good for the solvent to permeate.
The oil percentage and water in pressed cake of our Our screw biodiesel oil expeller is suitable for solvent leaching.
The pressed oil has a better quality than that pressed or leached for one timer.

AGICO is main manufacturer of screw biodiesel oil expeller in China. We have specialised in the design of biodiesel oil expeller and other screw oil expeller. High quality,best service.


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