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Oil Refining

Oil Filtering Machine

The oil to be treated will be filtered before entering the Blender. The chemical agent is put into the oil in the Blender and is heated and stirred so as to decompose the chemical impurities. (This pr..


Continual Oil Refining Process

AGICO recommend continual oil refining process for various capacity Plants. Part processes have been developed for continual refining of edible oils, chemical refining and physical refining.


Batch Oil Refining Process

Refining is a process used for removal of undesirable elements like free fatty acids (FFA), gums, phosphatides etc.batch process is recommended being low cost and easy to operate thus making the plant..


Cooking Oil Refinery For Sale

AGICO is the main Chinese cooking oil refinery, who have specialised in the design and manufacture of cooking oil refineries. We offer small oil refinery for sale.High quality,best service.



We supply Palm Oil Expeller from China.The Crude Oil temporarily stored in Crude Oil Tank is pumped into neutralizing tank by Oil Pump. The oil is mixed with alkali lye in Mixer and neutralized in Neu..


Physical refining

AGICO is one of the Chinese oil refineries, who have specialised in the design and manufacture of edible oil refineries and cooking oil refineries for oil degumming. we offer oil refineries for sale. ..


Chemical Refining

Chemical Refining means removing FFA in a chemical way (acid-base neutralization). Gum and soapfoot is separated out by centrifuges. We supply Jatropha Oil Expeller and Oil Cake Granulator from China.


Oil Bleaching

Oil Bleaching:High-activity clay is added into oil, mix and heat mixture of oil and clay to make the small particle of pigment absorbed on the crystal of clay. We are the Chinese Oil Expeller Manufact..


Oil Deodorizing

Oil Deodorizing: Most heat of bleached oil is recovered by heat exchangers.We are the Chinese oil expellers manufacturer for oil milling plants.


Oil Dewaxing

AGICO is the main Chinese edible oil refineries, who have specialised in the design and manufacture of winterization method to oil dewaxing. Moreover, we offer small oil expeller.High quality,best ser..




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