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Oil Filtering Machine

Oil Filtering Machine

Oil Filtering MachineThe oil to be treated will be filtered before entering the Blender. The chemical agent is put into the oil in the Blender and is heated and stirred so as to decompose the chemical impurities. (This process can be repeated when necessary.)After being treated so, the oil is treated with filtering, vacuum evaporation and fine filtering for eliminating physical impurities and water content. Thus, the oil is regenerated as it is of the same quality as before.
The equipment is controlled by the electric cabinet. The temperature of the heater is automatically controlled by the temperature controlling instrument. The filter is operated with safety valve. These ensure the safe operation of equipment. The stirring time is pre-set for complete decomposition of the chemical impurities. The waste gas that is produced during the chemical reaction is to be filtered repeatedly and absorbed before discharged into the air to avoid the air pollution.
This equipment is mainly combined of oil pump, Blender, heater, filter, vacuum separator,
waste gas treating device, oil pipe network, and electric instrument and apparatus systems.
This equipment can be used to treat oil with all kinds of viscosity.


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