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Vegetable Oils

World annual trade of vegetable oils amounts to some 30 million tons; 41% of the world production.Developed countries are net importers of nearly 3 Mi tons; Developing, net exporters of 4 millions. They produce almost 65% of the world production, same percentage as 40 years ago.

There are 13 countries important net importers of vegetable oils. Net imports of those countries, taken as a whole, reach 10.6 million tons: 5 countries are Developed and 8 Developing.

China is in the top of the list with 2.8 million tons followed by Pakistan 1.3 Mi, India 0.9 Mi, UK 0.8 Mi, Iran, Egypt and Japan 0.7Mi each.

Six countries are those whose net exports reach at least 0.4 Mi tons. The six all together, 16.5 million tons.

In the very top position, Malaysia, 8.4 Mi tons; then Argentina 2.8 Mi; Indonesia 2.5 Mi; Brazil 1.3 Mi; the Philippines 1.0 Mi; the Netherlands 0.4 Mi.



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