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Fry Wok

May Control The Fry Wok

As a pretreating of peanut processing machine this May Control The Fry Wok have advantage below: The motion type controllable temperate zone stove drum wok needs oneof main supplementary equipment for the oil press, this wok brings thestove body, does not need the masonry and building fire pivot; Isloaded with the hoop, may facilitate the migration. If after has usedfor parts the entire automatic temperature control meter which the ourcompany produces (electric appliance control box and temperaturesensor) then realizes the wok automatic operation, leaves the pot fueloils temperature (0 ~ 300 ℃) and the heat preservation delay time (0~ 1min) may voluntarily establish with the average per household; Usesthis operating mode, after the fuel oils achieved establishes the pottemperature, automatically separates the air blower power source, thefuel oils enters the heat preservation time delay stage, after theheat preservation time delay achieved supposes the definite value, thewok automatically reverses the material; Selects the automaticoperation method, the fuel oils fries the seed temperature to beconsistent, no longer depends on the experience by machine operator tojudge the fuel oils to fry the seed temperature, may reduce the laborforce cost; Squeezs the oil, the dry cake luster are consistent,quality distinct enhancement.

May Control The Fry Wok

Main Technical Specification:

Max diameter of cylinder(mm) 800
Weinght of oil crops per pot(kg) 30~40
Drum rotational speed (r/min) 21
Power required(kw) Y90S-4 1.1
Overall dimension(mm) 1945×946×1372

Control scope of hot breeze temperature



Roller Fry Wok


Roller Fry Wok Roller Fry Wok

As one of the main matching equipment of the oil press, the cylin d-rical parching pot is used to parch granular oil crops. This product is in accordance with the standard Q/JQJCP013-1999 for cylindrical pa-rching pot.


Main Technical Specification:


Type 6GT-800A、6GT-800Z 6GT-900A、6GT-900Z
Max diameter of cylinder (mm) 800 1000
Weinght of oil crops per pot (kg) 30~40 100~120
Productivity (kg/h) 120~160 200~300
Power required (kw) Y90S-4 1.1 Y90S-4 1.5
Overall dimension (mm) 2015×1078×1025 2475×1250


Automatic temperature controller roller panAutomatic temperature controller roller pan (electric control box and temperature sensor) with all the drum on the market supporting the use of wok. Temperature sensor inside the drum set in the wok, and the heated material contact, the temperature of the material can be converted into electrical signals transmitted through the wires to the electrical control box, the automatic analysis of treatment, the electrical box to digitally displayed on the panel .
Roller pan with automatic temperature control device used, the make ordinary frying pan frying pan with a temperature-controlled functions. Oil temperature and holding the pan delay time users can set their own; when the oil pan reaches the set temperature, automatically disconnect the fan power, heat oil into the delay stage, the heat reaches the set value of delay after the wok auto reverse discharge. The controller can use the seed oil frying temperature of the same rule of thumb is no longer judged by the machine hand fried seed oil temperature, can reduce labor costs; squeezing out the oil, oil cakes the same color, the quality has improved significantly.


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