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Chinese Edible Oil Market

Chinese edible oil market have good prospects. China is more and more becoming the focus of attention in the world, especially, Chinese economy keeping the increase of7%-10% and owning 1.3 billions of Chinese people, which is expanding the local demand of all kinds of materials and food and making. China little affect by the financial crisis, by contraries, Chinese demand for all kinds of materials and food will give foreign enterprises more and more business opportunity. According statistics, in 2010 the consumption of edible oil will reach 29,000,000 ton, and the proportion of import edible oil is rising rapidly and is about 20%-50%, especially, bean oil, palm oil, colza oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil and other edible oil. The following graph for your reference:

 It is forecasting that in 2015 the consumption of edible oil will reach 30,000,000 ton and the average per person will also reach 20 kg (in 2008 15 kg per person). Over 60% of the above-mention consumption will completely rely on the import of edible oil because of the decrease of planting area and the limited yield of oil crops. In a word, Chinese huge market is opening for you and it’s the time to expand your business to China.



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